Friday, June 27, 2008

Beer Bong

Historically, a beer bong has been "built" using a funnel and about 3 feet of tubing. The beer bong is created for the purpose of consuming large amounts of beer in a short amount of time. Beer has long been the preferred beverage for slow intoxication. But the invention of the beer bong allows people to get drunk as fast with beer as they would with hard liquor.

The beer bong is most popular among the 18-24 year old crowd but there are those in older age ranges, such as the members of my Tuesday night softball team, who take part in bonging beer at least once every season. This week, one of my teammates introduced our team to the OCTABONG. It is a blue funnel with eight compartments and the capacity to hold eight beers. There are eight tubes for eight drinkers. Given the honorary name SQUIDBONG, it fast became a member of our team and is up for consideration for continued used every Tuesday night for the rest of the season.

While I served as POURER for much of the night, I must admit that I took part in the bonging festivities once. it was my first beer bong ever. I waited 37 years for that experience. And now... I know why. That said, the SQUIDBONG is a sight to see!


Janet said...

yay!! I am so glad I was there for your first time!

Pancake Master said...

Yeah right, you say that as if it'll be yer last time or something. SEE YA NEXT WEEK

Annie said...

I am too terrified to attempt the Squidbong. Alas, the Squidbong is out of my league!

Michele said...

There's nothing like the first time... I will never forget it!