Thursday, April 17, 2008

National Anthem

Many of my friends have asked about my demo cd and want to know when I am going to share. Unfortunately, production is on hold due to some unexpected circumstances. Many of my readers probably don't even know that I sing but I have been performing since I was about 9 and for the last 20 years, I have been performing the National Anthem at events across the country. That's what I do. I am the anthem singer. The idea of the cd was to remarket myself and get more anthem jobs. I have said it before and I firmly believe that singing the National Anthem is an honor and a privilege and I love doing it.


Now that you have the background... As fate would have it, a friend of mine was at the last game I did for the St. Louis Blues and he taped my performance. It's not the best quality but I want to share it anyway. So, until the demo is done, here's a sample!


Janet said...

it gives me chills!

Michele said...

Thank you, Janet!

Annie said...

I definitely just got the goosebumps! And I'm definitely infinitely jealous!

Pancake Master said...

Who is responsible for that unforgivably crappy video quality? Wocka wocka!