Monday, October 29, 2007

Hug it out

Hugs are healthy.

It has been proven that a hug can be as vital to human life as food and water. Studies have shown that a simple ten second hug can lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease, relieve tension, restore emotional health and just make you feel good. And it's been said (by "THEY"... you know who "THEY" are) that the average person needs four hugs a day just to survive and eight hugs a day to maintain. The person who gets 12 hugs a day will thrive.

In today's world, hugging is not always acceptable but it is the ultimate antidepressant, a sincere form of appreciation for others and a healthy expression of kindness.

I am a huge fan of hugging. I don't know why. My family doesn't hug. Well, not unless one of us is about to board a plane... Then we hug, just in case. But I am all about it. My inclination upon meeting people for the first time, honestly, is to hug them. I know that's weird. I don't want to hug EVERYONE. But most people, upon first impression, are worthy of a hug. Or at least an arm draped around the shoulders and a nice squeeze.

Maybe if we tried to hug it out more often, there'd be less war. Or less crime. Or at least less stress.

I read another blog that included hugging instructions. The writer said, "become fully present with someone you trust (perhaps by taking a deep centering breath or three), ask for a hug, then melt into it with another deep breath. Go ahead and try it right now. Find someone to hug."

(Well, go ahead... I'll wait my turn. But I'm next.)

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alf said...

My family doesn't really hug either. Yet, I am strangely addicted. Michele, let's hug next time we see each other. Whenever that may be...