Monday, October 22, 2007

Believe Them

"When somebody shows you who they are, believe them."
-Maya Angelou

Daily, people reveal themselves to one another. Sometimes in slight, subtle ways. Sometimes boldly and proudly. Disclosing our qualities and differences, our quirks and similarities, outwardly demonstrating our inner beliefs is the natural process of allowing others to get to know us.

Defying the truths that life has taught me and ignoring the wisdom of my years, I hold fast to my innate desire to see and to believe in the best of those around me. Even when it's they, themselves, who have given me reason to doubt them, I dig deep to find their goodness.

I want to believe in others. And no matter the circumstance or the situation, I believe there is good in everyone. It may be buried beneath sorrow and anger. It may be hindered by ignorance or hatred. But I believe it's there. Unexpectedly discovering the good in someone else can be a humbling but gratifying experience.

Equally as humbling though is the realization that the faith you've put in the goodness of others may have been wasted. The trust you've assigned has been squandered.I believe what Maya Angelou says, in spite of my need to believe that the people with whom I associate are all things good. Needing to believe that the people around you are everything you hope is normal. At least I'd like to think so... And until you're given a reason to think otherwise, why would you? But we must give ourselves permission to recognize the truth when it is presented. Good or bad.

When someone shows you who they are... you really should believe them.

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