Thursday, August 02, 2007

Are you ready for something good?

Today, my horoscope said, "One way or another, something beneficial is coming your way, assuming you are ready to receive it."

I don't put stock in my horoscope. Truth be told, I like to wait to read them a day late just to see if they're even close to accurate. Most of the time, they're not. But one little bit of a line in today's message gripped me tighter than normal. "Assuming you are ready to receive it..."

I have always thought that good things happen to those who believe. Believe in themselves... Believe in God... Believe in their friends/teammates/co-workers... Just believing it is half the battle. No matter how hard you work to acheive a goal if there is something deep inside keeping you from really believing, it won't happen.

When I coached volleyball, my girls were not allowed to say "I can't" or "we can't." No negative talk in my gym. I used to ask them, "If you don't believe you can do this, then why are we here?" Two years ago, one of my teams went undefeated for the season and most of my girls had never played volleyball before they came to me. Some of them couldn't even serve the ball over the net. But we worked hard and we believed in each other. I believed in their ability and they believed in mine.

This whole idea of be ready to receive good things may be the same concept. I have spent a lot of time giving up on this life I am living. That may sound crazy to some because it seems like I have the world and I am generally a happy person. But it's true. It is EASY to believe for others. But it's not so easy to believe for me. Maybe some of the good things I had hoped for never arrived because I wasn't ready for them. Maybe I didn't believe they could happen.

I think "something beneficial" came may way today... It was a little bit of enlightenment. It was a realization that perhaps anything can happen if you are ready for anything.

I think I am ready for something good. How 'bout you?

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