Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Social Media Strategy: 2017

We should ask ourselves why we are so angry, so bothered, so incensed by what others are doing, experiencing, believing and posting on social media. We should also consider our motivation for passing on information and our reason for being on social media altogether. I think, if we each took an honest look at ourselves, our own feelings, and our own actions, the face of social media as well as it's platform would change dramatically.

For my part, I have decided to commit to the following social media guidelines for the remainder of 2017. I promise you that:

1. I will revert to my original purpose for using Facebook which was to catch up and keep up with old friends and new, with family and with former coworkers.

2. I will only post original statuses on Facebook. In other words, I will not use the status of others or the words of others. When Facebook asks, "what's on your mind," I will share that and only that.

3. If I choose to repost something, I will only repost from a source I know personally and I will give full credit to the original author. I will limit those reposts to humor and encouragement.

4. If I choose to pass along information or news, I will only repost from reputable sources and I will research the information in depth before I share it with others. I will also add any additional sources that may be helpful to those who might choose to read it.

5. I will continue to share my life and, by "my life" I mean, my daily adventures, experiences, and conquests. I will keep talking about work and my kids and my family and my dog. I will still post pictures and links to my blogs but I will remember that my motivation behind it all should be to make someone smile or to provide an uplifting moment to others.

6. I will NOT comment or respond to anything on Facebook or Twitter out of anger, disgust, or a need to "RIGHT" someone else's opinion. I will first ask myself, "why does this bother me" and I will answer that question instead of responding. Then I will ask myself how I can truly bring about change because I know that responding in that moment is not the answer.

7. I will continue to share my volunteer efforts, the issues about which I feel passionate, and my efforts to bring about unity in the world but only with the intention of sharing and not in an effort to "change your mind."

8. I will not use social media as my first source of news.

9. I will continue to post rock star tweets on Twitter that garner the attention of famous people.

10. I will always use social media to make connections.

11. I will utilize my tumblr blog to post little bits of myself and inspirational quotes and the antics of my dog.

12. I will not allow the posts of others to get my blood pressure up because I will not take social media that seriously.

13. I will continue to be an activist in real life and online but only because it is what I feel like I should do and I believe it is a part of my purpose to work to make life better for the marginalized and to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally. But I will not set the expectation that everyone else must do the same.

14. I will keep playing candy crush and I will not apologize.

15. I will tweet about the bachelor one moment and indigenous issues the next and I will not allow my number of followers to change my method of operation.

16. I will not censor myself but I will put folks into categories, especially those who continue to think they know me but who I know really know nothing about me at all.

17. I will delete people but not because I disagree with them. I will delete them if they spew hate or promote an angry and separatist agenda. I will not stand by as witness to racism, sexism, anti- (insert the religion you hate here)-ism, etc.

18. I will follow people and add friends who make me feel good or who make me laugh or who push me to be a better person.

19. I will spend more time writing books and lesson plans than I will perusing Facebook or Twitter.

20. I will blog at least once every month.

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