Sunday, August 21, 2016

Glimmer of Light

Wandering woefully along a desperate path
The glimmer of light at the end
Seems so far off
So I continue.
Distractions come frequently in various forms
Like ice cream and playful puppies
And a new guy
Who's so familiar.
The sand slips from the top glass
Into the bottom so quickly
Day after day
And I wait
For the heavens to turn my life over
End to end so
I can start again.
Sometimes encouragement makes an appearance
But only briefly so I will not falter
For I know
I cannot stop
Not now, not ever, not even on the most painful days.
Whether I run or skip or walk or trudge
Up every hill
And down into valleys
The key is to move it or lose it forever.
Sometimes I forget the greatness of my purpose
I lose sight
Of the why.
But I look up and see that glimmer of light
In the face
Of a child
Of a student, of a friend, of a relative, of a stranger
In need of love
of a little hope.
Like an empty cup, I beg and borrow and steal
For a refill so that I can pour out again
Into those around
Me, those nearby.
Sometimes I wonder if that glimmer of light at the end
Of this path is really anything at all or
Just a figment
Of my imagination.
Wandering willingly along a hopeful path
The glimmer of light at the end
Seems so bright today
So I continue.

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