Monday, September 03, 2012

Do Good Because You Should

The world does not lack opportunities to do good. Grasping hold of those opportunities feeds the soul, revives the spirit and helps others in the process. Over the last ten years or so, I have embraced volunteerism, broadening the horizons of my giving. Helping others is fuel for life for me.

Life often demands a tiring and relentless pace, causing us to put forth our all without taking the time to redeposit our physical energy or mental and spiritual reserve. So we get to a place where we have nothing left to give. Stresses grow seemingly heavier and problems often seem bigger. The day-to-day becomes kind of a drag. It has been my experience that when we hit that wall, the best way to pull ourselves up is to do something for someone else. We should do good because it's just what we should to but also because it's good for us.

Often times, when I have fulfilled a chance to help someone, others respond with "oh that's so nice of you" or something of the sort. But the truth is I don't do it to be nice. If someone has a need that can be satisfied by time or effort, the cost is minimal and my response, more often than not, is "yes, I will help." If the need is monetary, it requires greater consideration. But spending my time or expending effort on behalf of others is a no brainer. And the return on investment is so great. The deposit into my life through the gratefulness of others or the smile I receive helps me to reengage. Helping others feels like second nature but it's also a little bit of selfish nature too. I help and, in return, I am helped. I am helped by the happiness or the feeling of relief that the recipient of my good deed experiences.

Helping or doing good almost always comes back to the giver. Do good because you should but also do good because it will impact your life beyond measure.

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