Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Being 40: Facebook Status

My facebook status is not an opportunity for you to bash me or rip me apart. It is not your long awaited chance to teach me a lesson or give me the "what for" or preach to me. My facebook status is mine.
That tiny window which captures a moment... MY moment... at the top of my Facebook page is not your moment. It's not a blank canvas awaiting the addition of the colors of your mood or pictures from your past. My facebook status is mine.

You do not know what the minutes leading up to that status were like for me. Perhaps they were joyous and fulfilling. And maybe they were sad and disappointing. I've seen other statuses that were tragic and pain-filled and some that seemed exciting or thrilling. All feelings I can appreciate and understand even if I have no idea what events lead to that person's posting.

You don't know how my day went unless you asked but most of you don't. In fact the majority of you have no idea how my life has gone except for what you see on Facebook.

My Facebook status is not an open door for you to judge. My Facebook status is mine. It should be taken at face value and no deeper than that. There are no hidden messages or meanings. It's a moment in time. It's a thought. It's sometimes incomplete but if I wanted to put the entire thought, I would. I just don't sometimes because... Well, honestly, it's because I write the whole thought and then I delete most of it because I feel that it may be inappropriate or it might hurt someone's feelings or it will cause me to get a flurry of emails from people who are judging me based on my Facebook status.

It's just my Facebook status. It's a sliver of my day, my month, my year, my life. But it's mine.

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