Saturday, April 30, 2011

Being 40: Oh To Be A Princess!

She woke up that morning, just a girl from a town outside of London. Throngs of people lined the streets to catch a glimpse and perhaps a wave from her as she rode past them on her way to church. Then the world watched as she floated down a red carpet in a lacy white gown and diamond tiara, escorted by her father and surrounded by a sea of hat-wearing admirers, to marry her prince.

"You look beautiful," said the handsome prince as she took her place beside him. She smiled.

She went to sleep that night, a princess.

The coverage of the royal wedding has been exhausting for some but inspiring for many. We may not all marry princes. In fact that may not be the goal for most of us. But the idea that you can wake up one day as just a girl and be a princess by the time your head hits the pillow is no longer just a fairy tale. It can happen. It did. Yesterday.

Who did you wake up as today? And who will you be when you go to sleep tonight?

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