Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being 40: Express Yourself

Being expressive has gotten me in a lot of trouble over the years. Some people think I don't know when to keep my mouth shut. Others say I should just let some things go.

But the people who really know me and the people who really love me know that my expressiveness comes from a good place.  I am a deeply feeling person. I feel strongly and powerfully whether the emotion is joy or sadness or shock or surprise. I love to laugh and sometimes I need a good cry. It helps trust me. I do not supress anything and when I try, I feel lke I might implode. 

Today, my friend Mark of brackenphoto, dropped off a dvd full of pictures from my 40th birthday. I love them even though my double chin made a prominent appearance in some of them. I love them because they are mostly candid shots of people that I adore who were having a good time. And I love them because they captured the essence of me. It's a me that I think many people don't stick around long enough to know or just don't care to take the time to know. It's a me who some people embrace and who others can't understand.

If there's one thing I know how to do, it's express myself! And so does my double chin!


Pancake Master said...

I think you're adorable. Happy birthday. Let's party.

Michele said...

aw thank you!