Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Leaving Las Vegas & Sinnin' at Home

For years people tried to convince me that a trip to Las Vegas was exactly what I needed. The stories relayed from friends to me about their Vegas experiences sounded wildly fun and filled with sleepless nights and streets abounding with delicious people. How could a girl like me resist a temptaion-laden vacation with her best friends.                                                                                                                        

And so we planned and we got a fantastic deal. (Only later did we discover that cheap flights and inexpensive hotel rooms is the way they suck you in!) We decided to take a long weekend and informally celebrate a 40th birthday.

Initially, the city was overwhelming. So much to see and experience... And so little time. It's no wonder that many people only sleep for 3 hours a night. If you're sleeping, you're missing something and you don't want to miss anything in Vegas. There are shows in every hotel. In fact, every hotel itself is a show. As one of my friends said, once they pick a theme in Vegas, they stick to it so everything is very elaborate.

I enjoyed the sights and sounds of sin city and every day, I laughed until I cried in the company of two of the best friends a girl could have. But the cost of even a bottle of water was outrageous. The expense of just every day, not to mention all the "stuff" you do on vacation was ridiculous. Soon, I began to look around and think, "there is nothing here that I can't find at home." We have plenty of shows and casinos and bright lights and naked girls in St. Louis. (There's a burlesque show at least once a day in my bathroom...) There's a lot more money in Vegas and a lot more hype. But that's it.

In all, it was an experience and much fun was had but Vegas isn't for me. After 15-1/2 hours of travel, we finally got home and I don't think I'll ever go back. I'll never say "never" but for now, I'm gonna do my sinnin' right here at home.

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