Sunday, April 25, 2010

Memory Lane

Once upon a time, a starry-eyed girl sat alone on the front porch of her parents home and dreamed of the possibilities. She believed that all things were possible and that she could do anything she tried. While her confidence sometimes hid behind her awkwardness, she never doubted who she was or her God-given abilities. She never questioned the possibility of success or fame or fortune or family & friends. She knew that one day she would have it all.

And then, she grew up.

Often, I find comfort in reminiscing. I hold most of the memories of my childhood so dear and, in the cases when the memories aren't so clear, the people serve as a reminder of when life was pure and the possibilities were endless. I realize most people aren't as sentimental as I am. Oh, but if they knew the part that the each have in keeping me grounded and  helping me find pieces of happiness now and again, maybe they would be. Although we may rarely talk or see each other, they are the ones I turn to when I feel sad or broken. They are the ones I lean on when I'm scared or feeling lost. They are the ones who help rebuild me when I'm starting over once again. And they do it without even knowing it.

Miranda Lambert sings a song called THE HOUSE THAT BUILT ME. It's all about how she wants to go back to the house where she grew up so she can remember who she is. It touches my heart. I get it completely. Some days a quick journey down memory lane is all it takes to remind me that one day I'll have it all. And maybe I'm closer than I think.

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