Thursday, January 28, 2010

Committing to Commitment

For years, I have committed to a non-committal life-style.  It makes life easier because there's no fear of breaking rules or breaking hearts or breaking the bank thanks to a crashing stock market. And in keeping with that way of life, I stopped making New Year's resolutions. Why promise the world or yourself that you are going to change your life or just your hairstyle in honor of a new year when you know that three months from now, you will break your promise?

But as 2009 came to a close, I gave a lot of thought to my care-free, good-time-Charlie life. What an amazing time, I've had! There's nothing like waking up to freedom every day and passing your time on a whim. In spite of the trouble I've endured and my own personal heartache, my life has been so good. All said, I am blessed.

This year has already introduced great change into my life. I believe that if you want certain things, you must create an environment in which those things are possible. If you want to have a family, for example, you must create a home. If you want to cultivate your friendships, you must exude warmth and tenderness and care and concern. If you want great riches or great satisfaction, you must dedicate yourself to your work. In all things, you must open a door to opportunity, extend a hand to receive favor and embrace life so that it doesn't pass you by.

This week, I applied to adopt a puppy. Tomorrow, I will pay a visit to a duplex that I hope to buy. Next week, who knows? I'm committed to giving commitment all I've got in 2010 and I'm prepared for this leg of the journey to be as enjoyable and fulfilling as the last.

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