Thursday, November 06, 2008

Life with Purpose

"...nothing in my life is going to be without purpose." -Will Smith

While I do not plan to dwell on politics in this space, I feel a need to dedicate just a little more room to this week's presidential election. And without focusing on political party or bringing up the issues... And while deliberately omitting my beliefs... I need to explain the impact the outcome of the election has had on me.

The world joked that Americans were banking on an immediate impact by the election's outcome. Cynics said that the hopeful idealists were praying that all the nation's problems would be resolved by the following morning. And many were disturbed by the platform on which the president-elect campaigned. There was so much talk about change.

CHANGE: to become different; to pass from one phase to another; to undergo transformation, transition or substitution

It will take months and years to repair our country's economy, to mend relationships with the rest of the world, to bring about a change in direction. But, my friends, one of the biggest and greatest changes has already occurred right before our eyes.

Over the last 21 months, Americans changed from individualists to advocates of unity. We joined to created a movement for a better future. There was a change in our mindset and a realization that together... TOGETHER... we can live better lives. United we stand. Divided we fall.

And then, in one moment on Tuesday night, there was another change in the minds of people every where. Obstacles and challenges seemed to fall down as belief in oneself rose up. For me personally, I have always believed that I could do anything I put my mind to but the election results reminded me. And the inspiration from all parties involved also reminded me that in everything I do, there should be purpose. No more nonsense. No more drama. Purpose. Reason. And the ability to affect change and the lives of others...

I heard Will smith say today, "if you are not making the lives of others better, you are wasting your time." That falls directly in line with my personal motto which has always been if the people around me are happy and well-cared for, I will be too.

There's so much to think about now. Planning to do. And purpose to be fulfilled.

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