Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hockey Pants

As hockey season winds down (& comes to a close for my beloved St. Louis Blues), I reflect on one of the most important aspects of the game. The uniform.

Having never played one minute of hockey in my life, I lack an appreciation for the uniform and the gear. I am sure, however, that each protective item that makes up that gear serves its purpose, gets the job done.

But let's talk about those God-awful pants for a moment. They aren't really pants at all, are they? They are shorts. Shorts with really tall socks. Why not just wear pants? Pants may be more difficult to skate in, I suppose, but it would stand to reason that the more coverage there is, the more protection there is. And let's not neglect the fact that hockey pants are the only pants in men's professional sports that aren't... true to a man's form. What's a girl to look at on a slow night? Between those pants and the bike helmets they wear, it's really tough to pick a favorite player.

I do love that they call the shirt a "sweater" though. That just tickles me. It's better than jersey or... shirt for that matter. And, it almost makes up for the pants.

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