Wednesday, January 11, 2006

He Loves a Curvy Gal

There are two truths that a man is afraid to tell his friends. One is that he's gay. And the other is that he loves fat women.

The definition of fat varies, of course. But, no matter how it is defined, in most male circles fat isn't cool, especially when it's your girlfriend. And it takes a brave man to admit that, unlike the other guys who are drawn to thin or even skinny women, he loves a curvy gal.

It is unfortunate that we grow up conditioned to dismiss fat people as uninteresting, unmotivated, unattractive and unlikeable. Fat shouldn't factor into the like-ability of anyone. The only thing fat affects is how much you weigh. And falling for someone who is overweight does not make you less health concious or less fit. It doesn't make you uninteresting or unattractive or unlikeable.

There is a scene in the movie SUMMER CATCH in which one of guys jumps on the table in a crowded bar and boldly proclaims, "I love fat women and fat women love me." The proclamation need not always be so dramatic but it sure would be nice to see more of that in the real world. As more women begin to learn how to love their curves, hopefully men will learn to be true to themselves and not just the standards set for them by their peers or their families.

Come on out of the closet, boys! No matter which one you're in.

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