Wednesday, June 08, 2005


My arms are SO incredibly fat . While dieting, if I could see a difference in these arms immediately, I would be so happy. They are almost unfit for viewing by others. They are close to offensive. I wore a sleeveless shirt to work yesterday, caught a glimpse of myself in the restroom after lunch and thought, "MY GOD WOMAN, stop being so unfair to your co-workers. They shouldn't have to look at that." I made a conscious effort the rest of the day to say hello and nod rather than waving. I didn't want to knock myself or anyone else out with a gust of arm flab flapping in the wind.

This FAT ARM REVELATION is not new to me. My arms have always been big but in college they were muscular. I think I realized they were disgustingly fat 2 years ago in Florida. My friend Cindy and I rented a convertible for our trip. We were making the 2 hour quest from Orlando to Hernando to see her dad. Letting the top down, we cranked up the radio and hit the road. In order to clock as much sun time as we could, we wore our tank tops and shorts for the ride.. We didn't want a two hour road trip to cut into our Florida sun time. It was afterall about 30 degrees back home in St. Louis.

Cindy drove and I relaxed in the passenger seat. I leaned back and propped my elbow up on the door, grasping the edge of the front window with my hand. And suddenly, I saw it. Like a flag whipping in the wind, my arm flab flapped back and forth. Horrifying! Not only to me but I am sure to everyone who sped past us. Just add this experience to the YOU KNOW YOU'RE FAT WHEN... file.

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